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Moving Pictures

What do we do? We make our clients happy!

In our latest customer satisfaction survey a staggering 99. 4 % of the respondents had a positive evaluation of their collaboration with esoft - and every day we commit ourselves to retain this level of satisfaction.
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High volume photography

esoft systems deliver innovative solutions that make it easier to handle large numbers of commercial photos and presentations. We continually invent new products to give our partners a competitive edge and we are always exploring new ways to enhance our existing products.

Our photographers in Sweden and Denmark are constantly on the move taking pictures that present properties from their best angles - pictures that make people want to move into a house or apartment.

Our partners around the globe include individual real estate chains, companies that handle photography for real estate companies. We also service other companies that benefit from our ability to deliver high volume image editing and production of visual presentations.

To optimize workflow and deliver a premium product fast and at a competitive prize we send the pictures to Vietnam where they are processed and retouched at a stunning speed - in many cases the customers have the final product the very same day they made the order.

Moving pictures

Great pictures sell, but esoft systems also offer true full service solutions that make it possible for real estate agents and other companies to focus all their energy on selling.

We move pictures around the globe from Melbourne, New York or anywhere our partners are situated through our around the clock editing facilities in Hanoi where our staff processes up to 30,000 images a day.

In our Barcelona office copywriters, video editors and our graphic designs department continually invent new ways for our partners to reach their customers - an ever-moving target.

In short: At esoft systems we work 24 hours a day moving pictures around the world - and as an company we constantly move forwards by reinventing ourselves and our products


OUR USP's are simple but KEY in our DNA :


In today’s fast-paced world, companies that want to lead have to innovate. At esoft, we invest heavily in innovation at all levels of our organisation.

Outstanding service

At esoft we are strong believers in outstanding customer service. If your customers know you are there for them, it builds a long lasting relationship.


For each of our products, quality is the key factor so a successful partnership.

Our global setup allows for a fast and reliable turnaround


Sometimes we know, what our customers need before they even think about it themselves. At other times customers have specific and unique needs that require a customised solution. As any of our customers will tell you, we are always there to service their needs from the day-to-day dialogue about individual cases to the grand plans for complex systems - we listen and find a way to provide the optimal solution.


We make the global time differences work to our customers' advantage. We have teams working around the clock, and tasks like high volume photo editing for European customers are carried out in Vietnam while Europe sleeps. The finished products are ready next day, or even earlier - when required.


esoft systems are system specialists. Our workflow is tried and tested, and we continually work to optimise our processes and improve quality control. If there is one thing we are known for it is our fast and reliable delivery.

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