Entrepreneur of the year, Young

Awarded for excellence in creating growth and great results
"Staggering results comes from awesome people"
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Public traded company at NASDAQ, OMX, FIRST NORTH in March 2007

Since we went public, we have reached:

  • 100 M. DKK in turnover (3 x turnover of 2006/7 and still growing fast.)
  • 540 employees incl. our subsidiary in Asia. (70 employees in 2007)
  • 30.000 pictures per day  (nothing compared to today)
  • 500 GB data transferred daily, growing fast (nothing compared to today)
  • Award winning CSR program and Value letter - read more here

Our goals for 2020 which we will achieve through organic growth:

  • 200 M. DKK in turnover
  • 1000 employees incl. our subsidiary in Asia
  • 100.000 pictures per day
  • We want to be the leading company in our field

Our opportunities is getting extremely awesome if we look at our M&A possibilities.

Our client's industries are changing fundamentally. We want to be one of companies that change how everybody sells their biggest asset, their properties - their homes!

Here you can download our prospect. Please click on the link to open the PDF-file.

Our leadership

John Doe

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen

Board chairman

Torben is well-known as “Mr. Online” - because he has several of the biggest IT-successes on his CV.

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Josh Thompson

Michael Vinther

Board Member
Michael is even more known as “Mr. M&A”. Michael has been building twice, the most successful M&A company in DK. First as “ACCURA”, then latest Rønne & Lundgren. From here Michael has handled transactions between the companies that define Denmark.

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Mary Jane

René Dines Hermand

CEO & Founder
René is the entrepreneur, that has build esoft from ground up. Everything from the idea to the execution is on his shoulders. A true entrepreneur, that secured esoft the price as “Entrepreneur of the year, young”, even before he reached 30.

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